AAMC 011 The Workplace w Jeremy Lundmark

Millennials and The Workplace (Part 2): Education and Expectations

Jeremy Lundmark, host of After the Sermon, and I discuss the generational dynamics of Millennials in the workplace.

In part two of this conversation we cover:

  • Multiple Correct Ways
  • Dissecting the Boomers and Their Legacy
  • Get a Degree, Work Hard and … Prosper?
  • Education, Debt, Ministry
  • What do Millennials Expect From The Workplace?

Key Quotes:

“Rather than admit that they may have failed on some points that produced what they’re seeing, and trying to improve upon it now, it’s easier just to say ‘My generation was better, we were stronger, we endured more.”

“We are inheriting a completely broken social structure, economic structure, and governmental structure.”

“The generation that approved and legalized and created what we have in the United States of America in terms of abortion – that isn’t our generation. Our generation is the one that suffered!”

“When I was growing up, I was told if I went and got the education and I worked hard and I got the experience, I could have any job I wanted.”

“Collusion between the college administrators, banks, and the government forced an incredible amount of debt on us that we are unable to pay for.”

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Owen grew up in Los Angeles and moved overseas after college. After a brief stint in political campaigns, Owen returned overseas as a missionary in Russia & Bulgaria with his wife and son.