AAMC 009 Millennials, Worship, and Liturgy

Millennials, Worship, and Liturgy (Part 2)

Mike Jorgensen cohosts The Reformed Library. After years of youth ministry in Presbyterian churches, Mike is now a worship leader in an Anglican church. I was eager to hear his take on Millennials and worship:

  • We Are Now Marketing Authenticity
  • Buzzword Stew: Real, Genuine, Sincere, Authentic, Organic, Quality
  • What Kind of Worship Service for Millennials?
  • Methodology of the Worship Statistics
  • Emergent & Young, Restless, Reformed Aesthetics
  • Are Evangelicals Turning to High Church Liturgy?

Key Quotes:

“We have a desire for authenticity, but our gauge for it, as a generation, is not actually that great.”

“What all the talk on Millennials has failed to do, and tragically so, is to produce any sense of reflection on the generation that raised Millennials.”

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘authentic’ if you have a doctrine of depravity.”

“The Christian worship service should be character forming, it should be a step in sanctification.”

“The Biblical term is literally ‘striving after wind.'”

“No one is narrative free, that was the lie of Modernity.”

“Millennials who grew up nominal Christians and became serious about it will go to the opposite liturgical posture of what they were raised in.”

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