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The Purpose of Preaching. #Homiletics

Immanuel Marsh joins us to discuss the role of preaching. This might seem like an easy question to answer, but once you get below the surface, it’s a very controversial issue.

We examine many of the unquestioned assumptions that underpin our methodology of preaching.

  • The Role and Purpose of Preaching
  • Is “Life Transformation” Preaching Just Legalism?
  • Worship or Evangelism Service
  • Why Are Millennials Rejecting Terminology?
  • The Preachers that We Listen To
  • The One Thing to Focus on in Preaching and Prep

Key Quotes:

“The purpose of preaching is to glorify God and not deify man.”

“Like most Millennials and Gen X’ers, we are part of organizations we don’t truly believe in.”

“Why would I read a book on preaching from Tim Keller?? I’ve listened to his sermons and … he is not listenable.”

“Here’s the thing about missionary guys, and I’m going to tell you about yourself! You’re Special Forces and I’m Central Command.”

“Start with the text. If you start with an idea, the temptation is to wedge a text to fit that idea.”

“Read the text, until the text starts reading you.”

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Bad Hermeneutics: “What Color is Your World?” (John 1:6-9), the AAMC episode that spawned this follow-up.

The Aim of Preaching is Life Transformation.” Rick Warren, Christian Post.

Owen grew up in Los Angeles and moved overseas after college. After a brief stint in political campaigns, Owen returned overseas as a missionary in Russia & Bulgaria with his wife and son.