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The Feed Thinker is a podcast project spawned from years of study and discussion in areas of theology, philosophy, Biblical studies, science and many other topics. I try to be fair and balanced in my critiques of atheism and naturalism but also the problems I see in modern American Evangelicalism, Christian liberalism and Christian Fundamentalism.




On Memento Mori we discuss The Walking Dead from a distinctly Christian worldview. What does the world of The Walking Dead tell us about what it means to be human? How does Christian theology inform our participation in this endeavor? Join us as we break down each episode of The Walking Dead weekly.



Ask a Millennial Christian is a call-in show where we answer questions on theology, culture, and news from the perspective of the most sought-after marketing segment of the day. Join us and participate in the conversation!



The “theosophy” in Theosophy Pod is intended to only reflect its etymological roots: θεοσοφία (theosophia), from θεός (theos, God) + σοφία (sophia, wisdom); literally “God’s wisdom. On Theosophy Pod I seek to help fulfil two great passions of mine, science and the Bible.



Podcasting to the Glory of God