Limited Atonement

The Doctrines of Grace – Limited Atonement

Did Jesus die to atone for all the sins of all people? All the sins of some people? Some of the sins of some people?

What was the extent of the atonement of Christ? Should we be universalists? These are some of the questions that lead to many of our most heated discussions as Christians with Arminians calling Calvinists evil and cruel and demonic and Calvinists calling Arminians/Molinists heretics and Pelagians.

This is the topic of this episode of the Freed Thinker Podcast as we continue our series on the Reformed Doctrines of Grace, better known as Calvinism.

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Enjoy the show!

Tyler studied Philosophy and English at Sonoma State University, graduated Preseminary (Biblical and Theological Studies) from Moody Bible Institute, and is currently working on my Masters of Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary.